Research & Development at STEIM
55 bye steim imagefile
thanks to steim, open source community and my mother...  
54 Juggling Sound Ball silicone molding imagefile
53 Alex nowitz's left hand controller v.1.0 imagefile
52 16channel piezo trigger(with teensy USB midi) imagefile
51 Alex nowitz's wireless controller firmware update imagefile
- higher priority to switches than other analog sensor datas- only send switch data when there's a change- shorter response time than key press in laptop (macbook 2.1)- switch encoding bug fix  
50 drum trigger pad imagefile
- drum trigger pad using piezo polymer cable- (almost) evenly distributed trigger sensitivity on the large pad- 2 stage amplifier --> ADC- envelop length < 20ms.  
49 4 wireless accelermeters and receiver imagefile
- 12 analog data inputs to junxion(3axis x 4)- 17ms. update rate- receiver stays connected as a arduino device when transmitters are off  
48 wireless glove imagefile
for Freaka Geaka  
47 Juggling Sound Ball v.1.8 imagefile
- back to the linear VR // can't solve the noise problem- Xbee API mode, baudrate 115200 // disables wireless programming of AVR- ATMEGA328p // back in stock, to have more EEPROM space - it inhe...  
46 wireless receiver v1.2 imagefile
- ATmega328 16Mhz 5V// to have more array space(buffering) for incoming wireless data- D4(PD4) connects to tactile switch // configure mode- D5(PD5) connects to CTS(active low) pin of FTDI // for ha...