-Programmable audio player(start, stop, volume, LED brightness) controlled by remote server(up to 1.5Km).
-Self loop routine in case of missing the remote sync signal.
-Very bright LED(phillips Luxeon, 1W, blue) programmed to blink at the audio peak.
-Modular system, easy to embed other sensors or output devices.
-USB and wireless programming option.
-5V, 430mA

PulseFF - Installatie van Jan Bas Bollen

STEIM(Byungjun Kwon) has built Jan Bas Bollen's installation, PulseFF which is going to be shown in the Maastunnel during the RedSound festival.
18 units are going to be installed in each ventilator along with the tunnel, within which mp3 player is playing Jan-Bas Bollen's composition synchronized by server in the mideel of the tunnel transmitting synch signal.
Closely engaged in the composition, It is programmed to blink a blue LED at the audio pulse which will make a subtle glow inside the tunnel as the audiences bike through the tunnel.

-more about PulseFF
-You may check the demo video by Jan-Bas here

Initial project proposal by Jan-Bas Bollen

dear STEIM,
here is my proposal for the Maas bicycle tunnel in Rotterdam (werkplaats-project?)
it will be a sound installation for Red Sound Festival that will be held end of march 2009
there is a commision for me from NFPK+ for the project
and there is also a budget for costs

here is a photo of the tunnel:

the tunnel is ca. 550 meter long with two-way bicycle traffic
there are 18 air vents (50 * 50 cm) on the side at floor level, ca. 30 m. apart:

my plan is to write a composition made up of short audio impulses (combined with blue light flashes)
and noise sweeps
these sounds will come from all air vents so that I can do "running" led lights & sounds through the tunnel
the tunnels own lights are quite dim so led flashes will have a strong effect

a first sketch impression:
Maastunnel animation

in each air vent, an mp3 player and ultraslim active speaker are placed

there are two issues i need to solve:
1. i will need fine-tunable dB peak sensors that can react to the impulses from the mp3 players
    to control custom build led circuitry - this could possibly be done on one single print
    the power source within the air vents is still under discussion:
    if there isn't any line connection, I will need some battery power packs
    - and that will have serious consequences for the duration of the performance...

2. a synchro start facility needs to be designed for the mp3 players:
    depending on the mp3 players at hand, it will involve an interupt of the original "play" switches
    by a central control switch for all 18 mp3 players
    this will make it possible to start all 18 sound files simultaneously


Control Circuit
Arduino(generating start sync) - Xbee Pro( distributes to Units)

Xbee - Arduino - mp3player - envelope follower - LED circuit
                                + Active Speakers

VMUSIC2 (programmable mp3 player)
Zgbee ( RF tranciever)
Arduino ( micro-controller)
Audio peak controlled LED



eagle schematic





happy jan-bas