Research & Development at STEIM
45 wireless accelerometer v.1.1 imagefile
- fits in Hammond (40x40x20mm) enclosure- 34x34mm- Xbee sleep pin connects to D7- power switch accessible from outside of enclosure  
44 Juggling Sound Ball v.1.7 imagefile
- reverse polarity protection diode in parallel // not losing the voltge- AP1509 buck converter type 5v regulator // for battery efficiency9v battery - AP1509 - Amplifier ...  
43 wireless accelerometer v.1.0 imagefile
- based on Funnel from sparkfun- general purpose wireless accelerometer // Andreas Otto and HeadBanger project - small in size(27mmx36mm)- point to multipoints wireless network- sleep mode- MCP1700 (250mA) // ...  
42 Juggling Sound Ball v.1.6 imagefile
added - battery reverse polarity protection diode // parallel in V 1.6.1- piezo switching through transistor connecting to D3(interrupt)// for waking up from the sleep mode- catch sensing through accele...  
41 pulseFF extension shield imagefile
- Arduino shield to add more functions to the previous project, pulseFF- Xbee - AVR- Vmusic2 // plays mp3(uart) - MSGEQ7 // 7 band frequency analysis chip ...  
40 wireless receiver v1.0 imagefile
- based on Sparkfun's explorer- ATmega 168(or328), 3.3V, 16MHz(overclocking)// need to be tested- FTDI connecting to D2, D3 pin(softserial)// can't use bootloader for programming through USB - Xbee co...  
39 ptototype of Richard Scott's right hand imagefile
- Buchla Lightning embedded in wireless controller- 15 switches, 1 joystickfuture work- design stable point to multi points wireless data protocol for junxion- buchla lightning replacement, possibly using Ki...  
38 prototype of Alex's hand controller(left hand) imagefile
for Alex nowitz, wood work by Florian- 7 switches, 1 thumb joystick- ultrasonic proximity sensor(1mm resolution, up to 2m) // designed by Jop Struik- 57600 bps- 9V battery operated  
37 wireless accelerometer with Piezo vibration sensor imagefile
for Jon Rose- 57600bps- 3axis accelerometer (6G)- piezo vibration sensor- LiPo rechargable batteryvideo  
36 Airport Express Power supply Hack imagefile
Airport Express run by 12V car batteryfor the Limburg project