private electonics project

19 Metronome Counter imagefile
- audio metronome in --> envelop follower --> MCU ---> digit display- to sync live performance on the stage without wearing headphone- resets count after 2sec. pause  
18 Mini Laser Harp v.1.0 imagefile
- for the workshop at 경기도 중기청 organized by Tide Institute- 6 red lasers (150mA)- 2 IR sensors for velocity control- preset of 16 scales, up/down scroll switch- octave up/down- arpegiator on/off, p...  
17 16ch sound installation using Touch synth imagefile
16 LDRs controlling the sound of each Touch synth enclosed in a valdal proof plastic case for outdoor installation- powered by 2 rechargable Li-Ion batteries (12V, 10A/h), ran about 8hours- sound pr...  
16 IR distance sensor interface imagefile
for Andreas Otto- two IR distance sensor data to host computer(junxion) through usb- GP2Y3A003K0F (Measuring range distance : 40 to 300 cm, Detection angle : 25°)- calculate the mean value from the 5 I...  
15 U Synth v.1.1 imagefile
- highly customized for education/hacking- VCO, LFO, Noise generator/filter, AND logic mixer, Atack/Decay Envelope, external VCC in, on-board power amp/speaker, Headphone out  
14 IFK888 interface extension board v.1.2 imagefile
for Doug Lee- custom control interface for virtual studio software- dip switch to control RGB and LED power manuallyto do- external power option  
13 Touch Synth v.1.0 imagefile
- 6 touch sensitive pads extendible using junper wires- 6 light sensors(LDR)- programmable using arduino IDE- PWM outputs--> RC filter --> amplifier(LM386)  
12 custom controller for virtual studio software imagefile
for Doug Lee- using phidget IFK888 interface board- 16 switches with LED, 3 joysticks, 2 linear faders  
11 Technical Realization of "Urban Harp" by Ham SeongHo imagefile
"Urban harp" as part of Ham SeongHo's solo exhibition at TakeOut Drawing in SeongBukDong photos and curated by Son MyeongMinco-workers: Lee HanByul, Min KyeongHyun- 48ch piezo trigger to MIDI interf...  
10 5.8GHz Analog Video/Audio transmitter and receiver imagefile
- 5.8GHz Long distance analog video/audio transmitter/receiver - analog video signal amplifier- 11.3V 2.6A/h LiIon rechargeable battery- it relays live analog video signal from the stage beside Seoul station...